Founded in 1985 and being the first brand in China to introduce tissue made with 100% virgin pulp, Vinda has never ceased its commitment in bringing high quality tissue products to the Chinese consumers. From cored toilet roll to a wide portfolio including softpack, coreless, wet wipe, household cleaning, moist toilet paper, we’ve always put innovation at the heart of our strategy, creating multiple besting selling series such as Ultra Strong, Deluxe, Classic Blue, Deluxe Soft, ect., which have all been well recognized by the market. 30 years of continuous efforts are rewarded by the impressive No.1 market share of Vinda brand for 7 consecutive years from 2015 to 2021, winning the heart of more than 100 million Chinese households. (Kanta consumer panel data)


Ultra Strong

Ultra Strong:

•Superior performance delivered with a perfect balance of softness and strength. The latest 3 ply Ultra Strong series are engineered with a dense blend of long and short fibers, making them strong even when wet. With 0 skin irritation, they are also safer than ever.

•The calming yet chic blue background color, together with the elegant African daisy on the pack, what you are getting is not just great quality tissue but also an appealing piece of art for the eye.

Classic Blue

Classic Blue:

•Launched in 2000, champion of the market for over 20 years now, the Classic blue series has never failed the consumers with its superior quality.

•To continue the success, we launched the upgraded Classic blue in 2022. 4 ply tissue with a perfect balance of long and short fibers (creating the finest touch), free of transferable fluorescent brightener, together with the newly designed golden ribbon pack, this new product promises you an elevated user experience.



•First ever reengineered embossed 4D-DECO tissue in China launched in 2017.

•Upgrade launched in 2022 with improved softness and bulkiness, skin-friendly as well.

Deluxe Soft

Deluxe Soft:

•Developed with the innovative AIR-TOUCH technology, the brand new Deluxe Soft gives you a cashmere like touch that is cottony, soft and bulky. It is also food safe certified, delivering a pampering and safe tissue experience just for you.

Kitchen Towel

Kitchen Towel:

•Proudly creating a new kitchen towel segment –washable kitchen towel. With the new Power-X technology, the towels are now stronger, bulkier and more absorbent. They remove easily 7 kinds of dirt and stains and stay intact even after 2-3 washes. Plus, as kitchen towels, they are food safe.

Wet Wipe

Wet Wipe:

•Vinda anti-bac wet wipes can easily wipe off 99.9% of bacteria, they clean so well just like water! With mild ingredients, they are also irritation-free to your skin, satisfying your disinfection and cleaning needs whether you are home or out and about.

Moist Toilet Paper

Moist Toilet Paper:

•Moist toilet paper, cleans better with water. Brand new RO pure water formula helps to physically wipe off bacteria, leaving your butt clean and refreshed. Passed skin irritation test, so it’s gentle and both kids and adults friendly.


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