Vinda Deluxe Rolled out 4 Promo Videos on Social Media, themed “Only Vinda Deluxe Can Do This”.

      In January, Vinda Deluxe rolled out 4 promo videos on social media. These videos were less than 20 seconds and were aimed at promoting “Only Vinda Deluxe can do this” that emphasis on the strength of Knitted Fiber Technology & HydroBond Technology.  The videos that are titled “Gembira”, “Too Hot”, and “IYKYK” were released on 18th January, while “Nian Gao” was released on 17th January as part of the Chinese New Year well-wishing videos.

      In the videos, Vinda tissues can be seen used in different scenarios, being seen wiping food particles, sweat and even sniffles. The durability of our products were really tested and showcased to our consumers as being strong and durable.

1 Nian Gao- Youtube Video

2 IYKYK- YouTube video

3 Too Hot- YouTube Video

4 Gembira- YouTube Video