Vinda in 30th Anniversary:Helps Millions of Families to Grow Stronger

Vinda invited famous host Li Rui to the startup ceremony of its China Tour. Vinda China Tour is a large marketing campaign to spread Vinda spirit and increase brand awareness.

This year the theme of the tour is “Strong”. “Strong”does not only refer to the quality of Vinda’s product, but also refer to quality life in modern families.

Host of the popular TV reality show Where are we going, Dad?, Li Rui also took time out of his busy schedule to participate in the event. He noted, being able to be with his daughter and let everybody else know about this meaningful event is equally important as his work.

Vinda’s China tour is the biggest platform in the country to promote a strong child-parent relationship. In 2015, Vinda sponsored a kids music competition on CCTV children’s channel. Later, Vinda will also launch big family carnivals in 14 major cities across the country.

“For 3 years, Vinda is always committed to bringing happiness to consumers, helping them to build closer relationship with children. By selecting strong baby star and launching family carnivals, we want to create more fun and bring the philosophy of “growing strong” for families. ”Mr. Tang noted.

The kick-off ceremony of Vinda’s China tour, which is in its 3rd season, forms an important part of Vinda’s 30 year anniversary celebration. The tour aims at bringing the idea of working hard while caring for your family.

In 30 years, Vinda has become a leading household paper company with a sophisticated corporate structure. “Ultra Strong National Bus Tour- The Third Season” is the highlight in the company’s effort to reach out to more consumers. Mr. Tang said, "We have always been committed to providing high quality hygiene products and promoting strong, happy family ties.”

We want to bring the event further, to more cities and enlighten more consumers with our products and parenting philosophy.