Adhering to the high - quality requirements and the humane design concept, Libresse has been dedicated to fit the upgrading physical and mental demands of women since its birth in the 1940s. Today, Libresse has grown into a global brand. Its products are sold in 101 countries and regions, trusted by over 200 million female consumers and lead the market trend in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.

As an advocate of the female spirit in the new era, Libresse encourages women to break taboos and pursue themselves bravely, and brings positive influence to women‘s life with the brand spirit “live fearless. Libresse is the first brand that innovated the V-Shape design, relies on certified safe material and the rigorous scientific research achievements of the EU Feminine Care Research Center. Libresse provides the V-shape fit and dynamic leak proof experience for women during their period so that women can make the best of themselves every day. Libresse is owned by the Essity Group.

Feminine Care丨Libresse


Libresse V-comfort

Libresse has insight into the cutting-edge needs of women and pioneered Secure FIT fitting technology. Libresse provides products with V-shape fit and dynamically prevent leakage, which brings women a new and comfortable menstrual experience.

Libresse V-Shape Towel

V-Fit: V-shaped cutting, dynamically fit women body and prevent leakage

V-Touch: Silk-like top sheet, softer and more delicate

V-Breathe: increase breathability by 20 times *, without moisture and stuffiness

V-absorb: upgrade absorbability by 20% *, invisible absorption, dry skin and keep you fresh

(* The water vapor transmittance rate of the product has increased by more than 20 times compared to the last generation; ^ The absorption of the has increased more than 20% compared to the last generation)

Libresse Breathing Pants

1、7300+ breathing holes with Ultrasonic sewing Technology*, lightweight and breathable

2、With lightweight and seamless** waist design, say goodbye to rubber marks

3、360° fit and curve-hugging, dynamically fit women's body and prevent leakage

(* Data from Vinda R&D and Innovation Center; ** Refers to the comparison with other pants products under the Vinda Group, which seem to leave no marks when wearing)

Libresse Cloudy-Feel Pants

Cloudy Soft feel : 3D Soft cloud feel waist design^, soft and skin-friendly to young girls

Dynamically prevent leakage: nearly 500mm long with strong absorption#; Triple leak guards to help prevent leakage from sides

Fit your body: 360° fit with high elastic waist##, without getting stuck in the crotch

(^ Three layer of cloudy-feel fabrics are used for the waist material;#The absorption speed is three times faster than the national standard limit requirement;## The fracture tensile ratio of high elastic waist can reach 600%)

Libresse V-nature

Libresse applies calendula essence to the V-Shape towel for the first time. Weak acid essence fits into the microecology of women‘s V-zone and helps maintain health. Natural a softer and more skin-friendly material, which cares for women.

Libresse V- Nature Towel

V Skin friendly: 100% natural plant-based* toposheet, micro denier** soft and skin friendly

V Hypoallergenic: weak acid # calendula essence, care for V-zone

V-Fit: V-Shaped cutting, fitting curves, dynamic leakproof

V Dry: Dry+30%^, invisible absorption, more dry and refreshing

(* Refers to the fiber, which is composed of 100% Lyocell; ** the fiber used in non-woven fabric is about one-sixth of the diameter of hair, which is a micro denier fiber compared with the hair; # Calendula essence pH ≈ 4.1; ^ the data is from Vinda R&D and Innovation Center)

V-nature Feminine Care Wipes

1、Mildly acid* calendula and tea tree extract, gently stabilize V zone skin barrier

2、Thick and flexible sheets clean, not easy to smudge your hands

3、Single-piece packaging, flushable^, delicate and portable

(* Calendula essence pH ≈ 4.1; ^ refers to Libresse V-Nature Feminine Care Flushable Wipes)

Libresse V-nature Feminine Mousse Cleaner

1、Skin–friendly natural plant*, containing the essence of marigold flowers

2、Mild, clean and non irritating **, pH weak acidity close to private V-zone

3、Comfortable, fresh and easy to clean, select amino acid foam, which is dense and delicate

(*Calendula extract is a natural source;** Pass skin irritation tests, vaginal mucosal irritation tests and 48-hour sensitive patch test)

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