Hubei Company awarded the tile of “Exemplary Enterprise for Good Hygiene in Disinfection Products Production”

Vinda’s Hubei branch has been awarded the title of “Exemplary Enterprise for Good Hygiene in Disinfection Products Production”. 

Vinda understands well that as tiny as a pack of tissue, it can greatly affect the quality of life. Therefore, for the past 30 years, the company has always been committed to providing high-end hygiene products with careful attention to product quality. 

Tissues are the main disinfection products for the Hubei branch. To meet requirements of relevant laws and regulations, the company has established a comprehensive mechanism covering areas such as workshop layout design, infrastructure management, cooperation with pest controller and training and publicity of hygiene standard operation procedures. Vinda also displayed cleaning frequency, cleaned workshop equipments regularly, one-on-one supervised the hygiene standards to ensure proper sanitation. 

A review panel from provincial department of health closely examined Hubei branch on February. The title is recognition for what we have achieved and a great encouragement to what we should do in the future. Vinda will carry on with our effort to produce quality products.