Vinda Awarded “Hong Kong Top Ten Brand 2013” under Hong Kong Shopping Year

(18 July 2013 – Hong Kong) Vinda International Holdings Limited (“Vinda International” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries collectively known as the “Group”; stock code: 3331) is pleased to announce that “Vinda” has been awarded “Hong Kong Top Ten Brand 2013”

“Hong Kong Top Ten Brand 2013” is a major event under Hong Kong Shopping Year, which is jointly organized by Tourism Administration of Guangdong Province and China Post Trade Development Co. Ltd., with a view to deepening tourists’ understanding of Hong Kong consumer brands and promoting tourism spending in Hong Kong. 

Vinda International’s Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Zhang Dongfang said, “Vinda is thrilled to become one of the awardees of “Hong Kong Top Ten Brand 2013”. This award is recognition of our brand and leading position in the market. We will strive our very best to bring Vinda to each and every family and in turn expanding our market share.”