Vinda Leads its Way into 3rd Year of 6th Five-year Plan

China is the world’s fastest growing household paper market, second to the U.S in household tissue consumption. According to Nielsen’s research, Vinda has grown into an undoubted market leader, with toilet paper taking the largest market share and tissue as a whole ranking the third in the industry. 2013 is critical for Vinda’s to achieve year-on-year 25% growth target set in the 6th Five-year plan.

1. More diversified products 

China’s mid and high-end market continues to grow with improving living standards, which presents huge sales opportunity for Vinda. During the 6th Five-year plan, we have successfully promoted our products in hotels and offices. Vinda is also aiming at penetrating the mid-and-high-end market through Babyfit baby diapers and VIA sanitary napkins.

2. Market expansion 

Vinda will build its 9th production base in 2013, enhancing its presence through close cooperation with over 1300 distributors, hundreds of KA markets and B2B channels. In the first two years of the plan, Vinda has achieved steady capacity growth. It is estimated that by 2015, we will be able to increase capacity to 1m and double the number of sales network. 

3. Develop brand image

Our mission is to offer quality household paper products. From pulp selection to tissue production, we bear in mind the importance of sustainable development and innovation. We launched “Kungfu Panda” series tissue and promoted with 20 Century Fox the “Ice Age” movie. 

In the third year of the plan, we will keep our leading position in the Chinese market.