Vinda Paper (Liaoning) started to operate

On September 22nd,2011, Vinda held a ceremony to celebrate the opening of its Liaoning company. Leaders from the Anshan municipal government, management of the Group, and distributors, suppliers, friends from the press in the North China Region attended the ceremony. 

CEO Donna Zhang made opening remarks, followed by government leaders’ addresses. 

In her remarks, Donna Zhang said, “We are gradually building up a strategic production network across China, which will significantly help us achieve the annual production target of 700,000 tons and sales of RMB 10 Billion.”

Donna Zhang, CEO of Vinda Group delivered a speech.

Vice mayor Zhang Shichao spoke highly of Vinda in his speech. He expected the Liaoning company could bring in green production practices for papermaking industry in Northeast China and promote the development of green economy. 

After the ceremony, all attendees visited the factory. We are confident that Vinda, with its quality, gentle and ultra strong tissue products, will win the Northeast market.