Important Notice

Vinda International Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (“Vinda Group” or the “Group”) is committed to providing consumers with high quality hygiene products. The Group emphasizes product quality and is dedicated to adopting internationally certification standards. The Group carries out strict inspection and quality control over the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing and distribution. Vinda Group’s manufacturing facilities are certified under the ISO9001 quality management system, the ISO14001 environmental management system and the ISO22000 food safety management system to ensure superior quality. 

Our trademarks, packaging, etc have continuously been copied, counterfeited and replicated illegally in the recent years. Such infringement has become increasingly serious and has significantly damaging our brand images and harming consumers’ rights as well as the Group’s legal interests. The Group hereby strongly warn that: 

Vinda Group owns the intellectual property rights including but not limit to the Group’s subsidiaries’ names, registered trademarks, product names, signs, logos, slogans, layout design and packaging. Without the consent or authorization from Vinda Group, the act of tampering with, use and replicating relevant intellectual property should be deemed violation on the rights protected by law. Vinda Group has taken legal actions against infringers. We reserve the rights to pursue further legal actions and claim damages for any infringement of our legal interests.  

Vinda Group hereby reminds consumers to purchase authentic products of the Group with our registered trademark from authorized channels to protect your interests. We will not be responsible for any problems whatsoever caused from imitation, parallel imports and counterfeit products purchase. 

For consumer enquiries or reporting infringement cases, please contact us via:

Customer service hotline: 4006-315-138

Report hotline: 0750-6168079/ 6168087