Vinda Paper (Guangdong and Jiangmen) Company held a spring festival gala

Guangdong and Jiangmen Company held a spring festival gala on Jan 20th,2006. A total of 250 people, including Director and General Manager of Guangdong and Jiangmen Company Yu Yifang, Director and General Manager of US Company Richard Su etc, attended the gala. 

Ms. Yu reviewed the both companies’ work in 2005 and set the target for 2006. She said in order to meet the competition in 2006, Vinda should strengthen inter-company cooperation. After that, plant manager of Guangdong Company awarded units and individuals with outstanding performance in 2005 on behalf of the Group. 


This was followed by brilliant performance by Vinda employees. People sang, danced and put on sketches shows on the stage, all of which have been watched with big applause. 


Dance “The Story of Spring”, sketch show “Recruitment” and modern dance were awarded the top 3 performances that night.