Jiangmen Company held a groundbreaking ceremony for its Phase 2 project

Vinda held a groundbreaking ceremony for Jiangmen Company’s Phase 2 project on Nov 19th,2005. Deputy Secretary of the city Zhao Jiyao, Liang Qingzhao, vice mayor He Xiansong,etc, attended the ceremony. Chairman of Vinda Group Li Chao Wang, Director of the Household Paper Committee of China Paper Association Cao Zhenlei and President of Kawanoe Zoki Mr.Shinohara spoke in the ceremony. 

Chairman Li reviewed Vinda’s 20-year achievements and talked about the company’s future development plan, which was to achieve capacity of 180,000 tons by Jun 2006, 300,000 tons by 2010 and 500,000 tons in the long run. 

Government leaders attending the ceremony said they would continue to support Vinda’s development by asking all relevant departments to accelerate procedures. 

Mr. Shinohara from Kawanoe Zoki spoke highly of Vinda’s technological achievements and looked forward to deepening strategic partnership with the company.

Finally, guests cut the ribbon for the ceremony and announced the official beginning of construction work.