Vinda signed an agreement with Deyang government to build a new company in this region

Vinda Group signed an agreement with Deyang government on Aug 18th to build a factory with a planned capacity of 30,000 tons. Secretary of Deyang government Li Chengyun, Mayor Fang Xiaofang etc, attended the signing ceremony. Secretary Li Chengyun welcomed Vinda on behalf of the government and promised to provide full support for the company’s development. 


Chairman Li of Vinda thanked the Deyang municipal government and committee for their support and spoke highly of the government’s efficiency in dealing with relevant procedures. 

Vinda will iinvest 300 million RMB in Deyang to build a production base with 300,000 capacity in 3 years. The first phase of the project is expected to finish on Oct next year with an initial investment of 150 million RMB and a capacity of 10,000 tons.