Vinda Deluxe- Best Toilet Paper and Best Kitchen Towel

      Vinda Deluxe recently won 2 awards for Natural Health &健康时尚 Reader’s Choice Awards 2020! We had won awards in both Best Toilet Paper and Best Kitchen Towel categories for this magazine. As a manufacturing company, we have always pride ourselves in providing the best products for our people, and that is exactly what the magazine has highlighted. In their article featuring both our star products, they talked about our 100% virgin wood pulp, the durability of our products, and the process of creating such a lustrous product that catered for all the needs of our consumers. This award was won in November 2020, but it still remains as our pride and talked about to this day.

1.Vinda Deluxe Tissues featured in award

2. Vinda Deluxe Kitchen Towel featured in award