World Health Day, Vinda Tork Committed to Improving Hygiene and Health

World Health Day, Vinda Tork Committed to Improving Hygiene and Health

      7 April 2020 is the 71st World Health Day. The aim of the World Health Day is to raise global awareness of hygiene and health and strengthen public knowledge about hygiene, with an emphasis on the importance of health to labour force and human well-being.

      Along with the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic around the globe, the awareness of hygiene and health among people has been raised unprecedentedly. As the anti-pandemic efforts in China leading to a manageable situation, an increasing number of enterprises resumed operation and the class resumption timeline in various places became certain. Cities are recovering and everything is gradually getting back on track. In conjunction with work, production and school resumption, the time proportion of life and work away from home would increase significantly. Public hygiene which was a very important but often overlooked before this critical moment, become a public issue that can’t be neglected and should be taken seriously. Sustainable and professional hygiene solutions not only can efficiently satisfy the basic requirements of various situations, but also allow end users to feel the omnipresent care and services. The requirements of safety, easy maintenance and efficient sanitisation for hand-washing areas, toilet facilities and kitchens are extremely high.

      Proper hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent diseases as well as the first line of health defence for hygiene and health. Under the 7-step standard hand-washing method which can quickly remove the bacteria on the surface of the hands, rinse with clean water, as the saying “Wash your hands often and wipe them well” .It is known that wiping hands with hand towels can effectively reduce more than 70% of the bacteria on the hands, whereas using hand dryer would increase the risk of cross infection. As such, Protect the health with the hand washing, keep away from germs, start from "wash hands often and wipe hands with hand towel" .

      In order to make people available to wash their hands willingly, easily, cleanly and comfortably whenever necessary, the medical, industrial and public hygiene organisations have done tremendous work. In which, Tork is a global leading brand of professional hygiene solutions, which has been actively involved in public health construction for more than 50 years, and is committed to creating a sustainable and hygienic away from home environment to help public health protection.Medical healthcare is one of the service areas of Tork. At the early stage of the pandemic, Vinda Tork proactively provided hospitals that offered centralised treatment to COVID-19 patients such as Huo Shen Shan Hospital and Lei Shen Shan Hospital with professional public cleaning and hygiene solutions. The hand towels, jumbo roll toilet tissue and dispensers of Tork have provided a hygienic product and service safeguard to the front-line medical workers and patients.

      At a later stage of the pandemic, improving the efficiency of hand hygiene has become a focus of Vinda by Tork. In early 2020, Tork China promptly introduced and launched Tork H5 PeakServe® Hand Towel system, which is the most innovative and has the highest capacity among its products around the world. One refill can provide approximately 2,050 times of towel dispensing services. As tested, the average hand-wiping process (from getting the paper towel to drying the hands) takes merely 3 seconds per time. It indicates that for public toilets with high traffic demand, faster and more efficient flow can be actualised based on a “trivial matter” which is efficient hand washing and hand wiping by every user, and the waiting time of the queues in public toilets can be reduced, which is significantly minimising the risk of cross infection. Safeguarding public hygiene and health can starts from a “trivial matter”.

      In this new landscape, Tork Hygiene solutions will help you rethink what the ultimate guest experience will look like, redefine how cleaning can be done more efficiently, Because these are all critical areas to be successful in the future, We make it our missions to improve hygine and human well-being with new and sustainable idea from hygiene.We provide healthcare professionals with hygiene product that help them save lives.It is the “Think ahead” concept that allows Vinda Tork to provide customers with comprehensive hygiene solutions such as ancillary concepts, more environmentally compatible dispensers, more environmentally friendly products and more professional services, so as to gradually construct a new sustainable blueprint for away from home. Together we can improve your sustainability performance.