Newly-launched Tissue Becoming Hot Sales Product,Vinda’s Marketing Secret Behind the 4D-Deco Tissue

        It’s easy to stick to the old idea, but hard to innovate a new one, which means the promotion of new products is never an easy task. In the past July, Vinda joined hands with Tmall to integrate their marketing tricks seamlessly, building up a new booming product of ten years ahead, Vinda 4D-Deco embossed tissue.

       Within just one month, how did Vinda make its new 4D-Deco embossed tissue a product with great reputation and hot sales at its launch? Besides the superb quality of the product itself, what catches the eye is the marketing tricks with quality contents with hot-spot intellectual property as the core.

Making noise heard in Paris, Vinda 4D-Deco made its debut on international arena

       With the world's leading 4D-DecoTM embossing technique, the 4D-Deco embossed tissue has been upgraded to be more skin-friendly, softer and stronger. As a high-end tissue category of Vinda, the 4D-Deco embossed tissue aimed at high-end market at its launch. On July 5, Vinda made the 4D-Deco embossed tissue published on Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week in the form of tissue wedding gown by Lan Yu, the founder and design director of the cross-sector brand, LANYU.

       The 4D-Deco embossed tissue met the top fashion event on the same arena, successfully attracting much media attention, which was reported by more than 40 foreign media. Above all, the in-person experience of the high-end fashion celebrities formed the reputation source and high-end image, and gave evidence to the skin-friendliness of 4D-Deco embossed tissue.

       Since then, ELLE, the cross-sector fashion media in collaboration with Vinda, released an amazing fashion album of tissue wedding gown in Paris. The original quality contents precisely attracted the target consumers, which firmly strengthened the high-end fashion image of the new product.

       Taking the lead in the international high-end quality image to earn worldwide popularity and strong momentum for the upcoming new product launch press conference in China is a wise move made by Vinda at the beginning of the launch campaign of the 4D-Deco embossed tissue.

       To create the concept of ten years ahead and to achieve the unity of brand awareness and direct response with quality contents

       After Paris Haute Couture Week, how to convert the momentum into product sales is a challenge. Vinda chose to cooperate with Tmall which promotes new smart life. In Vinda's view, the 4D-Deco embossed tissue embodies a kind of quality life. Its multiple use could bring consumers a smarter and faster life.


       On July 20, Vinda joined hands with Tmall to set "Ten Years Ahead" as the theme of the launch press conference for 4D-Deco embossed tissue. To keep up the heat of the 4D-Deco embossed tissue wedding gown on Paris Haute Couture Week, the Chief Experience Officer of Vinda Jiang Xin put on 4D-Deco embossed tissue wedding gown and made her catwalk debut. The topics like "Jiang Xin put on weight" and " Jiang Xin lost weight " again occupied the homepages of the mainstream media overnight.


       Such quality contents triggered the interests on the hot-spot intellectual property of Jiang Xin. On the next day following the press conference, Jiang Xin posted 4 related personal messages on Weibo, which led to the second exposure of the 4D-Deco embossed tissue wedding gown and the embossed tissue.

       Actually, the 4D-Deco embossed tissue, as a strategic new product, not only aspires to boost the sales, but also attempts to lead to the future of the ideal life. Vinda put forward the era of "4D-Deco +" ten years ahead for the industry, in which tissue is no longer just cleaning supplies of daily life, but could be applied to a number of fields, such as making into fabrics, makeup tools.

Taking the dual advantages of the hot-spot intellectual property of Jiang Xin and quality contents, Vinda made full use of the resources on Tmall including FANS and Tmall Live to help the launch campaign of the 4D-Deco embossed tissue. 

As the original promotion by KOL, sales volume was boosted by good reputation 

       Under the strong recommendation by the hot-spot intellectual property of Jiang Xin, Vinda kept up the buzz marketing with wide-spreading measures, engaged the KOL in the fields such as makeup, fashion and lifestyle to release the original contents of high quality and promoted the interest among the people from all walks of life on the new 4D-Deco softpack.


       If the promotion by the star intellectual property is kind of involved love, then the promotion by the KOL is relatively realistic. Such promotion is to build up reputation with the product functions, so as to build up a new product with reputation and strength and successfully convert the fans of KOL into the fans of Vinda 4D-Deco embossed tissue.


       With the core of quality contents, the products were promoted by hot-spot intellectual property, the marketing path was opened up by gathering E-business resources, the sales volume was boosted by bringing up the fans economy…no wonder why the 4D-Deco embossed tissue has been becoming popular online since its launch.