Vinda at 30th Anniversaty: Build a global household and hygiene brand

At its 30th anniversary on Jan 15 2015, Vinda International Holdings held the 7th Five Year Plan press conference in Guangzhou Chimelong Hotel. Executive director and CEO Donna Zhangsaid, “Steering through difficulties and challenges, Vinda has become a leading household paper company with sophisticated corporate structure. We are now prepared to get into the personal care business.

President of China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute, director of Household Paper Committee at China Paper Making Association Dr. Cao Zhenlei spoke highly of Vinda’s 30-year achievement. “Vinda is the first company to build a new business model for the household paper industry, driving growth by analysing the market and building the brand, instead of piling up inventory. Vinda never stops to pursue technological innovation even in time of rapid expansion. We lead the market in fields like investment efficiency, operating cost, product quality and safety. 

Diversified development under the “New Normal” condition

President Xi pointed out in APEC in Nov, that China’s double digit growth was the past and China was now in the “New Normal” condition. At the same time, China’s household paper industry stepped into a new era-featuring steady growth and quality development. Vinda made its way amid fierce competition and developed the strategy to build a global household and hygiene brand.

Under new normal, the household paper market is becoming more diversified. With economic development and urbanization, domestic demand for tissue grows stronger and requirement for quality becomes higher. The selective-child policy and baby boom drives the demand for baby diapers. More and  more youngparents want easier access to the best international products.

Going international means Vinda needs to introduce international resources, keep in line with global standards, so as to bring trusted and quality services to Chinese consumers. Ms Zhang said, “It is against this backdrop that we integrated SCA’s hygiene business in Chna’s mainland, HK and Macau. SCA is a leading hygiene and forest products company. This move will significantly further our strategy to build a new era for the hygiene business.

SCA is Europe’s largest, the world’s 2nd largest hygiene company, with multiple leading brands across the globe- TENA, the No.1 incontinence care brand in the world; Tempo, the No.1 hanky in HK; and TORK, one of the most renowned AWH tissue brand in the world. Vind will gradually invest more resources in the future to build new businesses, grow sales and grab market share. 

New height in 30 years

Starting from the tissue business, Vinda grows into a big company in 30 years.Data reveals Vinda, for consecutive 7 years, ranks the 1st by toilet rolls sales, the 3rd by softpack sales. In addition, Vinda has been awarded “the most trusted brand” and hailed as the company with the most loyal customers.  Vinda has also completed its 6th Five Year Plan, establishing production bases across the country in the shape of asterisk and reaching a total capacity of 890 thousand tons. 

Vinda, in the meantime, has introduced the most advanced automated equipment and strived to align with Japan, EU in paper making standards.

Ms. Zhang was positive that Vinda could achieve its vision. “For the next 30 years, we will strive to be the market leader in household paper and incontinence products, while building top brands for baby and feminine products. “