Vinda Attended Shenzhen Household Paper International Technology Exhibition

2013 Shenzhen Household Paper Annual Conference cum 23rd Household Paper International Technology Exhibition was held in Shenzhen on May 28, 2013.

The event was organized by the Household Paper Committee of China Papermaking Association and co-organized by Vinda Group.

Vinda selected four star products from its 3 major product categories to the event-Vinda ultra strong household paper and wet wipe, Libero diapers and VIA sanitary napkin.

Covering 144㎡, Vinda’s exhibition area was designed to reflect the hygienic and strong quality of its products Vinda also put on a paper wedding dress show, which captured rapt attention from the audience.

The exhibition has provided a platform for Vinda to strengthen cooperation with traders, distributers and suppliers. In the future, with more diversified products and services, Vinda will continue to help you improve wellbeing of life.