Vinda attended the 1st China county level development and reform forum

Vinda became the exclusive sponsor for the 1st China County Level Development and Reform Forum. The forum was held in Jiangmen to exchange views on ways to adjust economic structure while maintain growth. Expert from the National Development and Reform Commission attended the forum. 

Representatives from Vinda asked experts ways maintain competitiveness as global economy moving downhill and competition becoming more intense. 

Wang Jian, vice president of China Society of Macroeconomics said, fierce competition in the papermaking industry boiled down to low barrier to entry. Urbanites, at present, made up of most of the tissue consumers. However, it was expected that 800 million farmers would move from rural regions to urban environment as the country speeding urbanisation. These people all be Vinda’s potential customers. He suggested Vinda could from now on expand sales channels and carry out horizontal and vertical mergers in preparation for such a farmer’s inflow.