Vinda International Accredited with the HKQAA Green Finance Certificate Hong Kong’s first FMCG company to secure green loan

 Vinda International Accredited with the HKQAA Green Finance Certificate

Hong Kong’s first FMCG company to secure green loan


HK$300 million green loan agreement signed for

eco-friendly operations and sustainable development

(15 January 2020 – Hong Kong ) Vinda International Holdings Limited (“Vinda International”, which together with its subsidiaries is referred to as the “Group”, stock code: 3331), is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Vinda Household Paper (China) Limited, has successfully obtained the “Green Finance Pre-Issuance Stage Certificate” issued by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (“HKQAA”). This shows that the Group’s commitment to environmental protection and perseverance with sustainable development have been recognized. Meanwhile, the Group has been granted a HK$300 million green loan (“Vinda Green Loan 2019”) by China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited ("CCB (Asia)"), thus becoming Hong Kong’s first fast moving consumer goods (“FMCG”) company to raise a green loan.

As the Green Finance Structuring Advisor for the loan, CCB (Asia) signed a loan agreement with the Group for the grant of a HK$300 million green loan under the Group’s Green Finance Framework. The loan is aimed at helping the Group to achieve eco-friendly operations and sustainable development. The green loan will be used for eligible green projects, including those for raising energy efficiency, prevention and control of pollution, resource conservation and recycling, etc., in order to further improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, thereby enhancing the overall competitive advantage and business performance of the Group and achieve the long-term goal of sustainable development.

Vinda International has made progress in reducing the consumption of both energy and water in China. From 2014 to 2018, its average overall energy consumption per ton of paper produced decreased by 24% from 0.41 ton of standard coal equivalent (“tce”) to 0.31 tce. Its emission of sulfur dioxide (SO2) per ton of products plunged by 76% from 3.02 tons in 2014 to 0.73 ton in 2018. The average water consumption for production of every ton of paper dropped by 9% from 9.4 tons in 2014 to 8.53 tons in 2018, while the water recycling rate was more than 95% in both 2014 and 2018.

Vinda International’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Christoph Michalski said, “Vinda is greatly encouraged and honored to be Hong Kong’s first FMCG company to receive the HKQAA Green Finance Certificate. This has also demonstrated the Group’s determination and capability to work for a “green future”. The Group aspires to become a leading hygiene product company in Asia, and believes that corporate development, the community and the environment form an indivisible whole. Therefore, the Group has always insisted on sustainable development as its direction of operations. Vinda has met the stringent requirements set in the HKQAA Green Finance Certification Scheme and raised a HK$300 million green loan in recognition of its effort to promote green operations. Looking ahead, we will continue to promote and enhance our sustainable development performance and become a forerunner of the green tissue and personal care products companies."


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About Vinda International Holdings Limited

Vinda International is a leading hygiene product company in Asia. Founded in 1985, the Group is always committed to the philosophy of “Healthy Lifestyle Starts with Vinda” and strives to provide high-quality hygiene products and services for families. Vinda International has established ten advanced production bases in mainland China and has two major production bases in Malaysia, one production base in Taiwan and one post-processing factory in Australia. Vinda runs four core business segments, namely tissue, incontinence care, feminine care and baby care under key brands such as Vinda, Tempo, Tork, TENA, Dr.P, Libresse, Libero and Drypers.

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About the Green Finance Certification Scheme:

The Green Finance Certification Scheme has been launched by HKQAA since 2018 to provide third-party conformity assessments for the issuers who are involved in green finance. The scheme is aimed at fostering green finance and the green industry for sustainable development. The benefits of the Green Finance Certification Scheme include: 1) enhancing credibility of green finance and increasing stakeholder confidence in it through the conformity assessments by an independent, impartial third party; 2) the Green Finance Certificate and the Green Finance Certification Mark can help issuers who are involved in green finance to attract more potential investors; 3) allowing the issuers to demonstrate their commitment to promoting environmentally-friendly investment; and 4) fostering the understanding of green finance among more issuers, investors, industry players and the wider public.

Green Finance is a strategic tool for promoting the economic development and regional cooperation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and along the “Belt and Road”. In keeping with the development of the national Green Finance policy and being supported by the Hong Kong SAR Government, HKQAA has taken the lead to develop “Green Finance Certification Scheme” to provide third-party conformity assessments for Green Finance issuers since 2016. The scheme is aimed at facilitating the development of green finance and green industry, thereby paving the way to a greener and sustainable future.

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