Vinda Personal Care (China) Limited Held Groundbreaking Ceremony for its Vinda New City Project

As we celebrated the new year, the Groundbreaking Ceremony for 51 Major Projects was held in Vinda New City’s construction site, marking the start of building work for these projects in Xiaonan District, Xiaogan City in Hubei Province.

Around 300 people, including Party Secretary and Chairman of local standing committee of National People’s Congress Tao Hong, Mayor Teng Gang, Xiaonan District Governor Chen Jun, Deputy Party Secretary of Xiaonan District Yu Hai Qun, Chairman of Vinda Group Li Chao Wang, CEO Christoph Michalski, Deputy CEO Zhang Jian Jason and Vinda employee representatives, attended the ceremony.

CEO of Vinda Group Christoph Michalski spoke in the event, sharing Vinda’s 2015 performance and the company’s development plan in Hubei Province. He said, a pragmatic and progressive government has made Xiaonan District and Xiaogan City one of the most prospective place in Hubei Province in recent years, with healthy and rapid economic and social development, as well as greater overall strength. He noted that Hubei Province has always been of strategic importance to Vinda in its Central China sales region. Given higher market demand for quality hygiene products in the region, Vinda decided to initiate the Vinda New City project and take its cooperation with Xiaogan government further.

Vinda plans to build its first personal care products production base in Xiaogan City with its Vinda New City project, laying building blocks for future personal care products expansion and for Vinda’s ambition to become a leading Asian hygiene company.

Party Secretary and Chairman of Xiaogan City standing committee of NPC Tao Hong (second to the right), Mayor of Xiaogan City Teng Gang (on the left), Chairman of Vinda Group Li Chao Wang (second to the left), CEO Christoph Michalski (on the right) took picture together

Leaders digged the first shovel of earth

The avenue by Vinda’s construction site had been named “Vinda Avenue” to show government’s support for the company’s development. Vinda believes that with the continuing support of leaders and stakeholders in Xiaogan City and Xiaonan District government, Vinda New City will be able to put into production in the near future, helping to boost local economy.

District Governor Chen Jun (second to the left), Deputy Party Secretary of Xiaonan District Yu Hai Qun (on the right), Chairman of Vinda Group Li Chao Wang (on the left), CEO Christoph Michalski (second to the right) took picture together.

Chairman of Vinda Group Li Chao Wang and CEO Christoph Michalski took picture with employee representatives