Delegations from Conference in building Sichuan an industrial province visited vinda

Sichuan government held a conference on Mar 26th,2006, discussing strategies to build the province into a national industrial base. Secretaries and mayors from all cities in Sichuan attended the conference. 

A total of 300 delegates from the conference visited Vinda Paper (Sichuan) Company on Mar 28th, accompanied by Chairman of the Group Li Chao Wang, Deputy CEO and General Manager of Sichuan Dong Yiping etc. Delegates spoke highly of the hygiene and environment of the factories. Secretary of Sichuan province Zhang Xuezhong amazed at the Vinda speed and encouraged the company to grasp new development opportunities during the 11th Five-year plan. He also said the company should aspire to become a global brand by actively expanding its market and contributing to the society.