An interview with Vinda to understand its production process of toilet paper and tissue

We interviewed Zhang Jian, Deputy General Manager of Guangdong Company in Vinda to understand the production process of toilet paper and tissue. 

Zhang Jian told us in order to ensure product quality, the company strived to get ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and HACCP certification. He believed quality was the core element in winning consumers. Vinda was also granted the HK safety mark, which was a recognition of Vinda’s product safety and quality. 

Vinda insisted in producing tissue with 100% original wood pulp. We also strictly control converting and packaging process to keep in line with high hygiene standard. 

Zhangjian said the company always marketed itself with quality products. The company also sponsored national sports events to increase brand awareness. Moving forward, Zhangjian believed that the high-end tissue market would grow bigger as economic development in coastal areas took up. Vinda would work hard to grow in tandem with China’s economy and prepare to go international.