Vinda China Bus Tour Concluded in Beijing

On Sep 20th, Vinda concluded its Q3 China Bus Tour with Babytree, a large parent-focused social platform, in the Glory mall of Beijing. Former director of Health and Family Planning Commission Yu Zonghe, secretary general of China Household Paper Association Committee, Jiang Manxia, founder and CEO of Babytree, Wang Huainan, well-known parenting expert Yangjin and Vinda’s management attended the event. With 260m families’ participation in 22 cities across China, Vinda’s bus tour this year kick-started a heated discussion on parenting philosophy.

Vinda and Babytree formed strategic partnership, agreeing on data sharing and further cooperation on ecommerce on the spot Mr. Tang, marketing director of Vinda Group, said, “Babytree is a big parenting website in China. Vinda shares its commitment in promoting parent-child relationship and fulfilling corporate responsibilities. Both parties will strengthen cooperation in relevant fields.”

2015 marks the 3rd year for the Vinda China Bus Tour. This year, 26 million families have joined us in our trip in 22 cities across China, including Changsha, Guangzhou and Shanghai. In its closing event, a video reviewed the best moments of this year’s tour. Babies from Vinda’s Ultra-strong Baby Contest then put on impressive dancing and singing performance.

In the event, a family from Beijing was invited to the stage and grated a “Ultra-strong family certification”. Mr. Tang said, “One of the important achievements of our tour is that we see a lot of young families are putting this idea into practice.”

Highlight of the day should be the “Three Party Talk” among Mr. Tang Haitang, Vinda’s marketing director, Mr Wang Huainan, founder and CEO of Babytree and Mr Yangjin, a famous expert in parenting. The guests talked about the bus tour, ultra-strong education philosophy and its significance for the society.

The ultra-strong education concept put forward by Vinda and Babytree focuses on “personality” instead of “academic performance”, according to Mr. Wang Huainan. “Increasing popularity of the “ultra-strong: education concept shows a change in Chinese’s parenting practice. Vinda saw this trend and invited us to promote it further.”

Parenting is not just about the family, but also about a country’s development. Yu Zonghe, former director of Health and Family Planning Commission noted, “We are all responsible for taking good care of our family. Only when we are serious about this, can China’s parent-child relationship grow stronger.”

Although Beijing is the last stop for this year’s bus tour, Vinda believes the ultra-strong educational concept will keep influencing more families.