Ye Yiqian Tried on Vinda’ Paper Wedding Dress

Ye Yiqian, who first gained fame as a contestant on the singing contest Super Girl in 2005, is now better known as Cindy’s mother after her daughter became well known across the country because of the hugely successful kids-centered show, Where are we going, Dad?

This time she tried on Vinda’s paper wedding dress, made with the company’s Ultra-strong series. Vinda’s ultra-strong tissue has been produced from imported virgin wood pulp, making it wet but strong. 

Ye Yiqian told us she was very worried at first. But after putting on the dress, Ye Yiqian was convinced by the quality of Vinda’s tissues, which had been produced from imported virgin wood pulp and remain strong even wet.

Ye Yiqian noted after the event that Vinda’s ultra-strong tissues were just the right products for her family.