Vinda won “academy awards of online marketing” from thousands of competitors

On 21 March 2014, Vinda’s National Bus Tour was selected as the bronze for the 5th Golden Mouse Online Marketing Award. The final selection of the award was held in Taian, Shangdong Province. Vinda has received bronze award in integrated marketing category among thousands of entries submitted by over 110 companies. The Tour has been held by Vinda and organized by the Guangdong Yibo advertising agency. Vinda won the award representing the recognition of company’s commitment to outstanding efforts in Vinda’s First Season National Bus Tour campaign.

Surprising consumers by innovation

Consumers are familiarized with the well-known Vinda brand. For the past 30 years, Vinda has always rolled out new products, such as Kungfu Panda, Ice Age, SpongeBob Squarepants series etc, to satisfy changing consumer demands. Vinda started the National Bus Tour in 2013, spanning 13 cities. It was estimated that around 580 thousand people joined us in our tour. Besides newspaper coverage, Vinda’s paper wedding dress also sparked heated discussion across the cities.

Following a successful first season, Vinda kicked off the second season National Bus Tour in Shanghai with stage mom Ye Yiqian on Apr 26th, 2014. Added interesting videos, wedding show and other diverse interactive sessions, consumers can experience the high quality of Vinda’s ultra-strong products. In the second season, Vinda also cooperated with OTV on the Trendy Children World show. Recruitment of potential candidates for the show was happening at the same time with the kick-off ceremony.