Vinda Launched SpongeBob Series Tissue

Vinda launched its SpongeBob series tissue on the Shanghai International Comic festival in October. All the free SpongeBob handkerchiefs were snapped up by comic fans. 

SpongeBob enjoys widespread popularity across the globe. The innovative collaboration between Vinda and SpongeBob aims at delivering the comfort and softness in Vinda products’ design. 

In fact, this is not the first time for us to collaborate. When our staff in SpongeBob costume showed up in our bus tour, it had already received the warmest welcome from the audience. Besides using SpongeBob on the package, the new series we launched this time is also produced with100% original wood pulp. 

This is a move to unprecedented market exploration and strategic cooperation. Customers can still recall our Pleasant goat series products in 2009. Since then, Vinda has been relentlessly looking for fresh characters to deliver brand messages. 

Spongebob, with its enormous popularity and influence among people, stands out.

Vinda believes that with earnest endeavor, the company will continue to lead the industry and do more for our customers.