2012 Point of Sales Display Competition Season 2 for Ultra-strong Launch

Point of sales display competition Season 2 was held from April to July 2012. Experience from last season enabled better execution and display this time. 

The competition was open to sales teams and marketing departments in all regions. Teams with the nicest display, most creative display and exceptional teamwork would be given awards based on their display and execution performance in NKA and LKA. 

At the end of the day, KA in Central China and South China won the first prizes for the nicest display supermarkets in Central China, South China.

The most creative display award went to a supermarket in Central China, which had been decorated with flowers design and rich products, one in South China with Vinda family cartoon (overhead).  

South China, Central China and West China teams was chosen for the Exceptional teamwork award. South China, in particular, was a multiple times winner in the competition and a role model for other regions.