Investigation result for toilet rolls issued by the consumer council of Hong Kong:Vinda brand products achieved the best score

Recently the consumer council of Hong Kong executed a test, which set up score from the worst 1 to the best 5 amount 25 models of toilet rolls in the market, and based on testing subjects including paper strength, water absorbency, softness, resistance to disintegration in water and hygiene(bacteria content),etc. According to the investigation, it shows that Vinda premium 3ply, Vinda blue classic 3ply and Vinda economic 3ply toilet rolls achieved outstanding performance at 4.5 no matter under dry or wet conditions, which is higher than all the other brands and ranked in the first for the level of hygiene and synthetic evaluation. Traders and consumers approve Vinda brand and ease to use. The consumer council of Hong Kong solemnly reminds consumers that carefully attention is needed while choosing toilet rolls, which is focusing on good quality and credible brands, and don’t keen on gaining petty advantages.

Vinda International Group Company keeps pioneering, forging ahead and innovating to provide superior household tissue paper, which has been focusing on the enterprise image as "Vinda is the sources of healthy life", and achieving the best quality, and meeting consumers¡¯ needs, and taking well social responsibilities. We treats products¡¯ quality as our lives all the time and are certified by the ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO22000 qualification system, HK safety mark and the US AIB standard certification successively for our effectiveness management platform in quality control, environmental friendly and hygienic safety. By making the brand up to the mark high quality, Vinda brand products have been up to standards as the supreme A grade in the country¡¯s supervision and inspection for 15 years and were awarded series of prizes, such like "China famous trade mark", "China famous brand", "the most influenced brand in China household paper industry", "Prestige enterprise and top ten brand in 2008" and "the most favorite tissues (toilet roll category) 2008-2009" in Hong Kong, and are favored by traders and consumers.