Vinda launched Pleasant Goat products in Zhejiang

Vinda Paper (Zhejiang) Company organized a press conference for Pleasant Goat products launch in Hangzhou. A total of 300 people, including Chairman of the Group Li Chao Wang, Vice President for Marketing in China He Huixian, Vice President of Marketing, Media Center Tang Haitang and distributors etc, attended the conference. 

The conference began at 8am. General Manager for the Sales Department in Zhejiang first extended a warm welcome for all attendees. Chairman of the Group then addressed the meeting, sharing the success story in the company’s 25 years of development. This was followed by a presentation of sales policy, marketing strategy and launch timeline for the Pleasant Goat products. 

Distributors saw big business opportunities in the conference and were placing new orders on Pleasant Goat series products. It is expected the number of orders will exceed 5 million. 

Vinda is the 1st company to get the animation’s license on products. The launch of Pleasant Goat products demonstrates Vinda’s acute market sense and ability to grasp opportunity.