Vinda recorded increasing brand competitiveness in the “2008 Brand Competitiveness Report”

China Brand Research Institute, for the first time in the country, released a report on brand competitiveness dynamics on Jul 16th,2008. Report demonstrates that amid a downhill trend for 92 famous brands, Vinda improves its competitiveness. 

The Institute looked at 300 Chinese brands and 100 foreign brands in the report, based on metrics such as brand premium, credibility, industry position (market share), earnings, market value etc. Average score is 62 for domestic brands and 87 for foreign brands, showing a overall lower competitiveness of local brands to foreign brands. 

According to the report, however, Vinda’s brand competitiveness grew by 5.14% over last year, with a total sore of 73.7, an increase of 3.6. 

In brand reputation, a metric which drives 0.32% sales with every 1% increase, Vinda recorded 16.92% rise.

Vinda has always been committed to providing premium products and bringing a healthy lifestyle to people. In 2008, the company was given the title of “leading household paper brand” again by the China Brand Research Institute.